Projects: Varied Projects in a Variety of Industries


Skills Transferable Between Projects


Automation Man possesses a varied skill set which, combined with a strong work ethic, translates into success in a variety of industries and projects.

  • Created Intellipedia (Wiki) pages on government networks, increasing collaboration between COMUSNAVCENT Intel and other intelligence entities.

  • Develop volunteer hours tracking system for Ridgeview Middle School (Fulton County, Georgia charter school), utilizing FileMaker Pro, greatly automating tracking requirements (75% reduction in time for input/report generation).

  • Created COMUSNAVCENT Coalition web site, improving coalition communications and providing easier and faster access to mission critical documents and information.

  • Built and maintain FileMaker Pro system for dental organization, featuring X12 file format data exchange with payment processing organizations. The system easily handles approximately 70,000 unique patients, 150,000 invoices, and over 800,000 procedures with user friendly and intuitive interfaces.

  • Developed a FileMaker Pro web enabled budget input system, expediting the collection of budget data from 50 remote locations which reduced processing/report time by over 50%.

  • Created PowerPoint multimedia presentations.

  • Developed online survey with web results reviewing capability.

  • Created online policies and procedures utilizing RoboHelp/RoboHTML.

Contact Information

Automation Man
PO Box 76303
Atlanta, Georgia 30358

(Phone) 404-822-5274
(Fax) 404-303-1906

  • Interactive Screen Image (Navy/Coast Guard Ship Tracking System)